Adam Ben gigi

Hi ,I'm Adam i have a love for design and arts in general.

I spend most of my day designing and creating.

I also love helping people. That's why usually my clients become my friends. As i see it, designing is not only making something look nice, its communication throw colors and visuals. To Truly create a good design, i need to connect deeply, both with my client and his Targeted Audience.  Its not an easy job, but with patience and a professional approach, amazing things can be accomplished.

      Limor Berry

My name is Limor Berry and I specialize in social media since early 2010. experienced in PR, Advertising and digital media marketing, developing content, visual content and digital strategy  for business.

I started as a PR agent (in early 2000) specializing in fashion and life style, worked with well known companies in israel.



Adam ben gigi - Web & Graphic Designer